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2021 in review

January 5, 2022

Looking back on 2021 we realised the things that motivate us and keep us going. We had the chance to explore our strengths and work on our weaknesses to improve our services.

A great part of our job is to spend time researching new technologies that can potentially be used to increase the value of our client’s offerings. We also love being technology partners to great startup ideas and support them from conception to realisation.

Our team was also joined by Giannis Zodanos, a back-end developer, who plays a vital role in achieving our targets.

Marefind, a leading platform in the maritime sector, is one of these ideas and it now supports 14.000 sea professionals in their job seeking process. They were awarded by the MIT Enterprise Forum in 2021 and continue to expand their services.

CityPASS app is a city guide for Corfu, Katakolo and Santorini and will soon be available for people visiting these places via cruise ships. It is a complete solution for both Android and iOS and has content in 4 different languages (English, Greek, Italian and German) while giving free access and discounts to popular points of interest. This project was conceived by in Corfu and we were delighted to work with them during the whole time.

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SCRM is a cloud solution in the logistics sector focusing on two main areas, data quality and valuable insights. We have developed a data cleansing and enrichment solution in Apache Pulsar, which takes data in a basic form as input and exports quality data in real-time/near real-time. This data is then fed into algorithms for reporting or Machine Learning for suggestions in questions like ie. “where to build my next warehouse?” or “what is the heat map of my activities?”

And our new unique websites
Burgers & Beaches: Don’t be afraid of the sharks! A great burger house in Glyfada with the signature of Studiomateriality.
September Athens: A beautiful concept store in the heart of Athens
Katerina Korakianiti: Quality advice by two experts in their field. Dive into their amazing content!
Ikorganic: Giving back to mother nature.

Looking forward to 2022 with new ideas coming to life!