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A few words about us

March 10, 2019

The idea of starting Impluto was conceived back in 2012. Impluto as a name already existed when Antonis, a fan of “everything big starts small” and the cosmos, wanted to find a name for his future endeavours and thought about Pluto’s story and how the planet was demoted to a dwarf-planet.

Pluto had all the features that defined it as “small”. It was the last planet in our solar system, was well… the smaller and people didn’t want to call it a planet anymore. But we did (and still do).

And so we started. We had the experience, we only had to put it into practice.

The journey begun and in the process we learnt that the journey is all about learning.

We wanted to take out of our way everything that kills creativity and realised it is all about time and space. We took down the walls in these two areas, used our time in the more flexible way and worked in many different places.

Our work now includes the creation of the #1 Job Seeking platform in the aviation sector for pilots and crew, a logistics platform for optimising the supply chain incorporating Machine Learning models and a number of websites for artists, fashion designers and others.

And still feel that the journey has just begun